Gov. Contract Mobilization Funding
Gov. Contract Invoices Financing

We have the experience of working with Prime and Sub-Contractors on financial solutions for their Federal, State, and Municipal government projects.

Our custom solutions provide our clients with the growth capital they need to fund tasks orders and contract completion.

With our qualification at navigating through and obtaining Federal Assignment of Claims & Contracts Modification, we provide a faster funding process for your company.

Government Contract Mobilization Funding

• Working capital to bid on larger jobs.
• Funding to start project on time.
• Resources to complete projects on time and efficiently.
• Ability to take on more projects and grow your business.

You've won the contract ...
Now you need the funds to get the project started!

Mobilisation funding provides the resources needed to transport personel and equipment to the site of their job, lodging and allowance, and the installation of equipment at the site.

We can advance up to 10% of the total Government Contract amount and provide mobilisation financing to jumpstart the project.

Once the project is underway and the initial invoice issued, our funding process will convert into an Accounts Receivable format (See Government Contract Financing below) and the contractor will receive up to 90% of the invoice amount.

• Access to capital from project start to completion.
• Same day approval / Closing in 2-5 days.
• Custom products mix to match your capital needs.
• Balance sheet issues OK.
• Your credit history is not a factor in our decision.
• Assigned account team.

Government Contract Financing

• Custom products mix to match your capital needs.
• Same day approval / Closing in 2-5 days.
• 100% financing on purchase orders.
• Tax liens and balance sheet issues OK.
• No personal guarantees required.
• Your credit score is not a factor in our decision.
• Assigned account team.

We provide working capital solutions to Prime and Sub-contractors for State, Federal and Municipal government projects. We offer custom solutions to provide our clients the growth capital needed to fund task orders or other capital needs for contract completion.

Once a Government contract is awarded, you need to answer these questions: How can I meet my payroll, vendor, and other obligations of my company while this project is being completed? The answer is our Government Contract Funding Service.

The Federal Assignment of Claims

The Federal Assignment of Claims outlines how a Government Contractor may assign monies that are due under a Federal Contract. Obtaining an approved Assignment of Claims is a detailed process that our operations department has the qualification and experience to navigate through. In addition to an Assignment of Claims, a Contract Modification may be needed to be obtained as well. Once the above are in place the verification and funding process is quick, typically 24 hours. It is important to work with a financial institution that understands the intricacies of the Federal Assignment of Claims, Contract Modifications, and communicating with Contracting Officers.

Contract Vehicles and Small Business Programs

There are various Federal Contract Vehicles that our clients have used to secure work with the Federal Government and Department of Defense to include: IDIQ’s, BOAs, Task Orders, GSA Schedule, ENCORE II, SeaPort-e and DHS Eagle, just to name a few. We have experience with multiple contracts allowing us to quickly and efficiently structure our clients a financial solution.

There are a variety of programs and qualifications tailored to small businesses who wish to work with the Federal Government. The below qualifications receive special treatment on certain Federal Contracts:
  • WSOB – Women Owned Small Business
  • HUBZONE – Historically Underutilized Business Zone
  • 8(a) Certified Small Disadvantage Business
  • VOSB – Veteran Owned Small Business
  • SD-VOSB – Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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